Specially crafted red envelopes ₍ ᐢ..ᐢ₎ 

Envelope measurements – 85mm (L) x 165 mm (W)

Like Bunnies & Carrots – the creative insights

Multiplicity of bunnies in hues of pinks and plums repeats into a ‘square limit’ pattern– one of M C Escher’s incredible tessellation inventions. The bunnies are constructed from identical-shaped tiles, with a slight degree of rotation and scale, forming depth of illusion. The pattern seems to optically pulls the vision inwards as the tiles gets smaller. 

The bunny’s representation of ‘luck’ burrows infinitely, peppered with carrots on these identical shaped tiles, deemed as a lucky root vegetable in most Chinese gastromic cultures because of its deep orange reddish colour.

Specks of gold foil decorates on certain carrots, which is a play on words – 'bunnycarats'.  The entire design features the critter's frolic into the burrow of fortune into the gleaming abyss.

For the connoisseurs of colours, the artwork has been crafted specially in overprint technique on fluorescent pink (glows under UV light!) which produces a robust coloured print.  As always – printed on quality FSC® certified papers and packaged with minimal plastics or pre-loved bubble wraps. 

The challenging processes has been made possible by the printing folks assistance, dishing out another fine quality product, which I hope enthralls the recipients too :^)

bunnycarats festive envelopes with gold stamping effect.