(oodles of commissioned doodles)

Infographic comparison between standard hotel rooms and serviced apartments.
The comforts of a home with added security ensures a peace of mind for the family's loved ones.

Concept, Illustration
Far East Organization

Website Article for Serviced Residences 

Watercolor concept illustrations for Far East Organization Serviced Residences website article. The article covers and promotes topics about comfortable abodes that provides the current needs of a family (or simply yourself!) residing in a fully serviced space with a peace of mind and security.

The following series of illustrations supports the details of the feature article - such as the different properties of the hotels in a visual masthead. Infographics sheds clear and light-hearted, economically advantaged options, as compared to standard hotel rooms and the spacious areas for your loved ones. 

Masthead imagery feature all the properties and amenities provided by the serviced residences.
A map detailing nearest attractions within each property radius.
A place for space - the apartments highlights ample room for family activities.

Concept, Illustration

Visual Celebration of Giant Pandas 

Illustrative chart of the bear species, originating from a common ancestry.