Leisure :^)

(hobbies , interests and special commissions)

Polymer clay jewelry


Rings & Pendants

A few copper and silver pieces I've produced during fine jewelry and metalsmithing workshops.

Festive Money Packets
Self locking fold
Play of local dialect and English words

Illustrations for Festive Packets

Ketupat Kronicles

A series of drawings depicting the local delicacies during Raya festivities. Variety of rice dumplings prepare for a busy day ahead (of being feasted on :D)

Monochromatic drawings are painted in digital watercolour.

Illustrations, Packaging Design, Typesetting

LOTR Inspired Money Packets

Personalised money packets each one bearing recipient's name, written in Tengwar, a form of Elvish language from the Lord of the Rings universe.

These are printed on tinted parchment papers and folded by hand. The reverse / inside of the packets contains illustrated maps that's visible when held up against a light source.

The design and illustrations are completed in Photoshop and InDesign.