festive packets

(creating artful celebrations from commissions)

Packaging Artwork & Design

Floral Dragon

A grand mythical creature glides amongst blooms of burgundy camellias and tiger lillies. The shades of blue harkens to the deep oceans for dragons are believed to be powerful guardians over water bodies.  

Light sheen on the outlines of the dragon scales and manes, with gilded golds around edges of the flowers and whiskers adds a touch of elegance.

Packaging Artwork & Design


Swishes of turquoise leaves against the vermillion, lends a dramatic flair with little bunnies in peony blooms softly gracing the artwork. Marvelous matte gold outlines bring a slight touch of opulence.

Packaging Artwork & Design

Origami Cranes

Patterned papers, folds the different poses of the origami cranes. These whimsical shapes are accompanied with pineapples - a popular cultural symbol of prosperity. Clouds decorate the background, typically drawn in traditional Chinese paintings with pastel hues, complementing the gleaming gold origami cranes.

Packaging Artwork & Design

Serene Pagoda

Inspired by Malika Favre artwork styles, the Chinese Garden pagoda serves as an idyllic imagery of peaceful coexistence of human and nature.

The colours are tinted in hues of crimson, purple, oranges and red, to mimic pensive sunsets, commonly used in the art style. 

Packaging Artwork & Design

Vintage Sakura

Kawazuzakura is among the earliest flowering cherry trees in Japan. A five petal variety of cherry blossoms with vibrant pinks and yellow stamen.

The flower artwork is styled as a minimalist oil painting against complementary colours and vintage textures, such as distressed printed papers.

Packaging Artwork & Design

Vintage Crate Box

Christmas themed corporate gift box is modelled after vintage crate boxes commonly used in trades shipping back in the early 19th Century, which are decorated with brass fixtures, illustrations and precautionary messages.

Packaging Artwork & Design

Recursive Fans

Touted as Fanception, the theme of Chinese folded fans are illustrated as recursive patterns, swirling into a whirlpool.

Each panel of folds are alternately coloured with pink, red, orange and purple hues with tasteful portions of printing effects.

Packaging Artwork & Design

Radiogram Garden

Garden of peonies are coloured in X-ray effect (radiogram) so the petals, veins, buds and stems are visible amongst layers of flora. This effect is a known art form which cleverly balances modern science and nature.

 Whilst the hues on x-rays are originally muted, the colours here are given a little vibrancy. Holographic foil stamp are added on the stems and flower edges on textured paper.

Packaging Artwork & Design

Gilded Goldfishes

A simple, yet elegant school of gilded goldfishes, embossed and hot stamped with copper effects. Cream champagne pearl paper adds a touch of opulence for the festive celebrations. The number of fishes on the packet ensures an auspicious symbol to bring good luck to recipients.