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Colourist, Layout & Design

Nini in Changi Village - Autobiographical Comic

A nostalgic illustrative memories of Nini, living her childhood days with her family in a Changi Village shophouse, along with her friends and adorable animals. In her eyes, the simple kampong life was a wondrous paradise filled with magical adventures and surprises. As she grew up, the nostalgic kampong land developed and gave way to modernity.

Authored and illustrated by a local cartoonists, Fanny Lai.

Colourist, Layout & Design

Nini Eat First Talk Later - Autobiographical Comic

A light-hearted gastro journey that documents daily life in Singapore, as well as its many authentic traditions, through Nini's memories. Targeted at readers who are interested in Asian street food, it tells the story of Singapore’s multi-cultural food heritage and shows what life was like in the 1960’s in a mirthful and humourous style. With hundreds of Singapore’s famous street food and traditional recipes beautifully illustrated, it is an ideal publication to reminisce and understand Singapore’s good old days.

Authored and illustrated by Fanny Lai.

Layout & Design, Hardback Cover including Box Sleeve

A Visual Celebration of Borneo's Wildlife

The wildlife pictorial offers nature lovers, visitors to Borneo and armchair explorers an unparalleled introduction to this mysterious treasure island. Illustrated with more than 350 images, taken by Bjorn Olesen and other wildlife photographers, A Visual Celebration of Borneo's Wildlife is a photographic tribute to the spectacular wildlife species on the second-largest tropical island on Earth.

All of the authors' royalties are donated to Fauna & Flora International for conservation work in Southeast Asia.

Layout & Design, Digital imaging for Cover and Box Sleeve

Asia's Wildlife : A Journey to the Forests of Hope

Asia's Wildlife provide rare insights into Asia's breathtaking tropical forests and the rare species that inhabit them, many of which are now endangered. Proceeds from this book goes to conservation activities by the BirdLife International.

Over 190 images and illustrations feature 129 different animal species, of which 72 are national endemics. Produced to raise funds and awareness of nature conservation through their Forest of Hope program, Asia's Wildlife is a mesmerizing year-long photographic journey of the expedition by Fanny Lai and photographer Bjorn Olesen.

Layout & Design, Hardback Cover

A Visual Celebration of Giant Pandas

Five years of research and photography went into A Visual Celebration of Giant Pandas. It has detailed information about the panda's behaviour, including how it rears its young, and also describes, in words and vivid photography, other species in its habitat such as the red panda and snow leopard.

Beautifully photographed, in rarely seen settings, the authors, Fanny Lai and Bjorn Oleson, explain what makes the panda such a lovable icon, and why the public cannot have enough of this symbol of quiet hope for survival in a fast-changing planet.