Size: W8.5 cm x H16.5 cm, packed into a sleeve box measuring W8.7 cm x H17 cm x D2 cm

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the naga narrative

Is it a dragon Möbius twist or an dragon Ouroboros loop?

On the surface, the dragon forms from coils of ribbons fluidly looped into an infinity symbol, much like a Möbius strip. The dual strips of ribbons seemed endless, yet the tail strips tapers off into the dragon's perceived jaws and intersects – as an ouroboros symbol  – emerging as horns. The display of this motif complexity can be seen unfolding within the cavities of the dragon.

The Möbius twist refers to the mystery of cyclical time and space running parallel to each other with history repeating itself. This also alludes to chronomancy – a practice of divination for auspicious timings. In the similar vein of theme, the eternal circle of tail-biting ouroboros features time manipulation powers of the mythical coiling dragon in Chinese folklore. This interplay of concepts creates a unique visual union of mythical Asian dragons, artistic mathematical impossibilities and classic alchemy symbols. 

Dragon - the naga name

Naga is a common term synonymous with dragons / serpentine-like creatures across various Asian religions, cultures and folklores. Thus, the word binds the shared narrative beliefs together, yet possesses distinct details that sets these dragons' lore apart. 

Most naga or dragons are benevolent beings believed to be residing or guarding seas, rivers, lakes and other water bodies. Reminiscent of a dragon summoning rain during droughts for bountiful crops in Chinese folklore, they are likened to a promising symbol of power, energy, new beginnings, and prosperity.

Precious horizons

The horizon of the Möbius-ouroboros dragon artwork is enhanced by the diminishing spiral of precious metals – another characteristic of treasure-guarding dragons. Gems, pearls, crystals and other precious pebbles are dragon’s companions found in most East Asian paintings and art. In a Balinese folklore, a dragon’s profound love for a pearl in the ocean inadvertently waters the barren land from his wet scales as it travels between the mountains and the sea, bringing abundance of vegetation growth over time.

The print, the paper and the palette

Exuberant coral shades affirm the power and energy of mythical dragons. Coupled with the overprint effect of fluorescent Special Orange and a mix of magentas produces a uniform coating on the paper textures. Edixion® is an eco-responsible paper choice which takes up the challenge of reducing the carbon footprint. In addition to being FSC® certified, the paper label has been awarded EU Ecolabel rating in the Antalis Green Star System­™.

The artwork is completed with ribbon motifs gleaming in gold hot stamping – casting dancing shadows between the ouroboros and Möbius transformation. Final touches of UV spots adorned on the spiraling pebbles depict them as shiny pearls, bringing the outlook of a majestic dragon and its bountiful treasures.

Spirals, mobius loops, ouroboros symbols and dragons illustrates the moodboard art direction.