A New Hope

Encouraging Breakthroughs

ELFA Preschool Graduation Event 2022

Creative Direction, Events

ELFA Graduation 2022

The concert programme combined drama, storytelling, speech & drama. Taken inspiration from Sima Guang, a distinguished Chinese historian and statesman, famed for rescuing a playmate who was drowning in a large water vat by smashing the vessel with a rock. A Chinese fable symbolising quick wit and bold action was conceptualised as the event's theme – 'A New Hope: Encouraging Breakthroughs'.  

The first celebration since the ease of pandemic restrictions was joined by some 200 parents and families at the RELC Auditorium in Orchard. The art direction focused on the children exploring new ways to adapt into the changing environment with vigour, gathering knowledge richly-infused with Chinese cultures.

Illustrations are adapted into banners and icons across online platforms.
Two metres backdrop greets attendees at the entrance hall.
Program booklet that covers milestones the students has achieved in the past year.

Event standees wraps around the stage front, wtih die-cut characters, titles and themes.

Personalised character illustrations for each child, bearing profound meanings from Chinese fables, phrases, idioms and culture.

En Qi breaks the water vat to rescue the dragon.
Ella leads the dragon dance.
Eshan dots the eyes of the dragon.
Emma guides the dragon boat with a lantern.