Preschool Virtual Graduation 

Creative Direction, Events

KINDERLAND Virtual Graduation 2021

Preschool graduation event organised virtually during the social distancing restriction measures. Despite a home bound showcase, the themes for the performances highlights resilience, bonding, learning and compassion.

The visual adopts a 'Puzzle Play' concept which encourages participation and awareness. The children are piecing a giant puzzle in the illustrations, forming solutions along the way. These pieces form into planet Earth, each piece emphasises the classroom activities, such as coding and music sessions.

The style of the design is kept clean with colourful life-sized items commonly found in classrooms. Mainly to depict that in spite of the challenges, it is important to be able to have joyful yet meaningful interactions.

Graduation program booklet.
Editable master slides for internal presentations.
Customised virtual backgrounds for online calls and meetings for the duration of the week-long event.
Masthead banner for the event on the website page.
DVD cover and compact disc contains the recorded graduation programs.
Backdrop banner for all the preschool outlets, adapted into selected sizes for the performances.

Each illustrated child has a personalised name for story engagement and inclusivity.