Logo and Visual Identity

Creative Direction

Independent red packet design theme – 'naga' is an interplay of Mobius twist and Ouroboros concepts producing a unique visual union of mythical Chinese dragons, artistic mathematical impossibilities and classic alchemy symbols.

The following images covers the visual identity for the online launch.

Vibrant corals, deep blue and gold colour scheme
Typography selections for digital promotional adverts and websites
Naga's logo reminisce the mobius-ouroboros icon encased in a Chinese seal stamp design. Deep blue tones complement the vivid coral hues. 
Photography and styling of deep teal fabric harkens to deep oceans, a common dwelling for the mythical beasts in dragon lores. 
Landing page for naga website detailing concept narratives and retail purchase.
Social media postings conform to Naga's brand visual identities along with descriptive yet stylistic tone of copywriting to convey the concept narrative.