The Beauty Room

Logo and Brand Identity

Creative Direction

The Beauty Room is an established specialised service for skin and hair wellness. Operated by trusted and certified aestheticians for over two decades, catering especially for women. The stronghold base of their clientele is centered mostly by organic marketing such as word-of-mouth or recommendations. However, the brand needed to invent a fresh identity amidst the pandemic safety measurements which has inclined most businesses to digital platforms.

The revamped identity aspires to engage viewers so that they can continue to provide safe spaces for ladies to seek treatment and management for skin or hair concerns. Basing off from this wholesome mission, the logo colours, typography, and icon design touches on femininity, elegance, and sincerity.

Neutral colour palette, with gold accent gradient.
Typography selections for digital and print application. 
Image styling for the brand utilises clean and neutral-coloured photography that mostly feature Asian skin.
Logosuite includes adaptive logo for digital and print usage.
Flyers for new location launch which feature the brand's colloquial language.
Social media postings describes the specialised treatment procedure in bite sized copy and emulates Asian identities.
In-store posters informs ladies the specialised treatments for targeted skin and hair concerns.